Teddy’s Last Ride & Headliner – MOIRA

For this project, This Era was commissioned to do:

Cinematography, Editing

In 2018, This Era was commisioned to do cinematography and subsequently edit a trailer for the performance ‘MOIRA’, a collaboration between performance collective Teddy’s Last Ride and musical collective Headliner (Jonathan Bonny, Mirek Coutigny & Koen Quintyn), directed by dancer/choreographer Sjoerd Vreugdenhil.

Teddy’s Last Ride (TLR) is a dance and performance company situated in Groningen, Netherlands. Employing a multidisciplinary methodology, they weave narratives using dance, visual art, and popular culture. Founded in 2017, Teddy’s Last Ride originated from a yearning to craft new theatrical avenues that are not only appealing and thought-provoking, but also approachable and welcoming.