hia-tus – sspeciess

For this project, This Era was commissioned to do:

Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design

Commissioned by hia-tus / Daniel Linehan for the contemporary dance piece ‘sspeciess’, This Era filmed and edited interviews, trailers and a full capture of the performance.

For sspeciess Daniel Linehan draws inspiration from the writings of Timothy Morton, a British philosopher/ecologist. The choreography is guided by ideas of coexistence and symbiosis. Five dancers – Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Anneleen Keppens, Victor Pérez Armero, Louise Tanoto and Linehan himself – share the stage, lending their bodies and breath to the choreography, accompanied by the musical creation of Michael Schmid and Raphaël Hénard. Movement echoes sound. Dance and music approach one another in a mutually sustaining association, thinking of the music as an environment that supports seeing the dance, and the dance as an environment that supports hearing the music. One by one, the light, the scenography, the costumes, the movement and the music become the dominant players in the room, and then fade to give space to the others. No element of an environment remains dominant for long – there is a constant sense of emergence and disappearance.

There are always moments of surprise when the hidden life that you didn’t notice suddenly flies, swims or grows into your consciousness. In sspeciess, Linehan creates a dance that leaves space for this sense of play, where what is unnoticed and ignored in our surrounding environment can suddenly emerge as the thing that we should have been paying attention to all along.

– Daniel Linehan / hia-tus, 2020