Tim Ro / Muyu Media – Van Gogh ‘Beeldbrekers’

For this project, This Era was commissioned to do:


Working with 16mm film for the Van Gogh ‘Beeldbrekers‘ (‘Reframers’) project commissioned by director Tim Ro / Muyu Media offered a profound artistic journey. This Era as tasked with capturing the essence of locations in the South of France significant to Van Gogh’s life and art. Armed with the sketch like quality and vibrant colors of Kodak Vision 3 16mm film, we captured the landscapes that inspired the artist. From sunflower fields to Arles’ streets, each frame bridged the past and present, illuminating the play of light and shadow that fueled Van Gogh’s creativity. Collaborating with Tim Ro, we celebrated cinematography and paid homage to Van Gogh’s enduring legacy through the timeless medium of 16mm film.