Hittegolf Media – Parish Smith ‘Never Break Faith

For this project, This Era was commissioned to do:


Parrish Smith, an enigmatic artist, defies confines of genre. A seeker at heart, his sonic explorations traverse a myriad of sounds, feelings, and experiences. From his early journey into vinyl curation to his bold fusion of punk and electronic music, Smith’s presence defies convention. His live vocals, a mix of preparation and intuition, are raw expressions of his inner world. He’s been described as disregarding genres, yet he embraces them all. His studio immersion births intricate compositions, blending darkness and vulnerability. With an unrelenting urge to create, Smith constantly evolves, revealing deeper layers through his immersive performances.

This Era was commissioned by Hittegolf Media to do 16mm cinematography alongside director of photography for the production, Martin van Drunen.