Vita Soul Wilmering & Luuk Wilmering – Film ‘Insomnia’ (in production)

For this project, This Era was commissioned to do:



‘INSOMNIA’ is a film directed by Vita Soul Wilmering and Luuk Wilmering, currently in production. The film consists of both fiction scenes and documentary scenes which will be juxtaposed in the edit. This Era was commissioned to do cinematography for the fiction scenes.

The foundation of ‘INSOMNIA’ is a science fiction narrative about a man who finds himself on a planet where humans can live eternally, the planet INSOMNIA. The role of the protagonist is portrayed by Luuk Wilmering, who becomes lost in desolate mountain landscapes where the perception of time vanishes, and each moment—much like the cells of a tumor—is infinitely divisible. Intertwined with this fictional film is a documentary layer where hospital footage can find its place.

Over the past year and a half, Vita Wilmering recorded phone conversations with her father Luuk, collected video footage in the hospital, and filmed at Luuk’s home. Through recognizable and universal themes, the film embodies various facets of the relationship between Luuk and Vita Wilmering. The close familiarity in their interactions permeates the camerawork, enriching the project with a wide range of emotions. Moments during the film’s production will also be included, such as disagreements and discussions about the storyline or the creation of props and sets. INSOMNIA as a whole will be a collage of these different elements, resulting in a unique and intimate dual portrait of a father and a daughter, seeking ways to translate the uncertainties of a disease process into something else.

The subject is intense, conversations sometimes confrontational, yet they also carry a sense of love and humor, juxtaposed with the utterly surreal aspects of science fiction. Humor will lend a lighter and more relatable tone to the story, providing a way to navigate the bitter inevitabilities of a disease like cancer. This film holds significance for Vita Wilmering and Luuk because they know they’re not alone in their experience; many others are going through similar challenges. In that sense, ‘INSOMNIA’ is not just a film about their journey, but a film that many can relate to.