• Aaton LTR S16 filmcamera (PL mount)
  • Angenieux 7-81mm T2.4 HR S16 Zoomlens (PL)
  • Vocas Mattebox MB-255 (3×3, 4×4)
  • ND 0.3 / 0.6 / 0.9
  • 85 Filter
  • Wooden Triggergrip (Right)
  • Wooden Grip (Left)
  • 2 x Aaton Battery
  • Aaton Battery Charger
  • 2 x 400 ft / 122m Magazine
  • Soft Blimp
  • Sekonic L-758 Cine Light Meter


  • Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm Wide-Angle Primelens (PL)
  • Kowa Bell & Howell 2X Anamorphic block

The costs of shooting on film can be discouraging.

We are very aware that even the most passionate and skilled artists and filmmakers don’t always have big budgets to throw around.

At This Era, we want to help promote and democratize the use of analog media. We are conviced there are ways of making film a financially valid option for your project.