This Era is a production company that has its roots in both contemporary arts and the film industry. This gives us a unique perspective and the ability to create bespoke moving image and photography works for the visual and performative arts.

We like to dive deep into the intricacies of individual artistic practices. This allows us to understand your vision and employ the most suitable approach to facilitate the creation or capture of your artistic project. Our work is driven by a commitment to comprehend and support your unique artistic perspective.

Some of the things we’d like to help you with are cinematography, photography, film editing, color correction, sound design, technical supervision and technical training. 

When it comes to project execution, we possess both the in-house knowledge, equipment and a vast personal network to support digital and analog projects alike. Whether you’re envisioning a project shot on film (Super 8mm, Super 16mm, Super 35mm), VHS or digital, This Era is equipped to bring your artistic vision to life using the medium that best suits your creative needs.

This Era is run by artist and filmmaker Baltasar Thomas in frequent collaboration with a select group of freelance experts operating in the art and film domains.